Make and Sell Audio Online

Join artists, engineers and producers in a next-gen collaboration workspace to make production quality audio and sell it in a branded turnkey e-commerce digital audio store.


Effortlessly create production ready audio on your terms.


Sell audio performance, production and engineering.


Sell your audio online with a turnkey audio online store.


Elevate sales with empowering promotions. Part of Storefront.

SoundBooth SoundBar

For making audio

A turnkey solution for acquiring pro talent and producing audio.

Audio list

Increase your audio service sales with in-app service purchases on SoundBar - the collaborative digital audio workspace where users are seeking producers, artists and engineers.

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Central workspace for your project

All communication, files, revisions, owners and talent in 1 place to bring your audio to amazing production quality.

Collaborate with anyone

Add as many co-owners, team members and outside artists, producers and engineers you need to get your perfect audio.

Marketplace of Pros

Browse talent at the push of a button. See instant buy prices and buy and negotiate on upfront pricing and points.

Get service on your terms

See instant booking prices based on your project when browsing sellers. Go with that price or negotiate on price and points.

Audition as you go

Playback, solo, mute, adjust volume and compare revisions to know exactly where you are at any point on the project.

Revise until perfect

Mark tracks at any spot and leave detailed change requests for the provider to get the message through in stereo.

SoundBooth Marketplace

For selling services

The Marketplace is built into SoundBar to sell your services.

Sell on your terms

Offer your services on your prices and terms: minimums, rates and revisions.

Appear in searches

When a user wants your service, it appears - along with instant booking pricing.

Your pricing always

Marketplace calculates your instant booking price from your settings and the project length.

Negotiate splits

Negotiate price and points to your advantage. Counter offers with what you want.

Audio list

Increase your audio sales with a turnkey branded store dedicated to your audio. Eliminate time to market and accelerate sales with time-based, email-paired promo codes.

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SoundBooth Storefront

For selling audio

A turnkey e-commerce digital audio store for selling audio.

Customize your store

Customize the store name and image and get name-matched url.

Upload your audio files

Store as much content as you want, from MP3s to track stems.

Enjoy secure payouts

Group payments into payouts and get paid securely via Stripe.

Share management

Add team members to co-manage the store with you.

Audio list

Increase your audio sales with a turnkey branded store dedicated to your audio. Eliminate time to market and accelerate sales with time-based, email-paired promo codes.

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SoundBooth Promote New

For promoting audio

Built-in solution for creating time-limited promotions.


Elevate your sales to the next level, with Promote. Create time-based, email-promocode paired promotions to boost sales.

Promote is part of Storefront.

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Create promotional events

Control all promotions for an event at the event level. Set start and end times and enable and disable all event promotions with 1 click.

Create promotions

Add a promotion with any discount you want. An obscured landing page only you know is created automatically. Use this page for adding emails to generate promo codes.

Time restricted promotions

You control when a promotion is in effect and the promocodes generated on a promotion page work. The checkout page automates this entire process.

Email restricted promotions

The checkout page automagically enforces the promocode to only work with the email address that signed up for the promotion. No more leaked promocodes hurting your regular sales.

Grow your newsletter list

People who submit their email to get a promocode automatically become a contact - even if they don't make a purchase. Your list grows even when a purchase isn't made.

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Yup, that audio was produced on SoundBooth SoundBar,

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Why SoundBooth is so great

Real World Use Cases

Stacy, Meditation Coach

I found it quite straightforward to use after watching the instructional videos that were provided via the SoundBooth YouTube channel. Overall, I enjoyed the process and appreciated the prompt response time. The final product exceeded my expectations.


Meditation Coach

Louielou152, Producer

It has become an essential platform for me to showcase and sell my music. Setting up my store was easy and quick. SoundBooth has provided me with valuable tools to promote to potential clients. I love how convenient it is to upload files and setup promotion codes.



Andre DeBourg, Audio Engineer

I'm an award winning engineer. Soundbooth eliminates the risks and challenges that come with remote mixing. I no longer have to focus on collecting payment, delivering files, clarifying tasks and documenting changes. It lets me focus on the product.

Andre DeBourg

Audio Engineer