Basic Audio Effects Every Vocalist Should Know


Basic Audio Effects Every Vocalist Should Know

26 Jan, 2023

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Do you want to sound like your favorite artist? Do you want to be able to record yourself singing and then play it back in the studio-quality that sounds like a professional recording? Have you ever wanted to know how singers make their voices sound so rich, full, and powerful on recordings? If so, this blog post is for YOU! Today we are going over some basic audio effects every vocalist should know.

Audio effects are all around us, and we hear them on a daily basis. They can be found in nature, as well as manmade objects such as our automobiles and televisions. Audio effects give life to the world around us by adding color and sound that would otherwise not exist without their presence. In this blog post I am going over some audio effects used heavily in recording studios for singers of all types! You too can use these effects to make your voice stand out from everyone else's! Let's get started shall we?

  • Reverb: gives an added sense of space or ambiance

    Chorus: makes one vocal track sound like two simultaneous voices

    Delay: repeats a signal in time

    Pitch shift: changes the pitch without changing the tempo

    Compression/Limiting: reduces dynamic range by increasing volume of softer sounds while keeping louder ones at a preset level. This can make vocals sound more powerful and even out levels throughout your song! Depending on how much compression is used, this effect can be heard when listening to commercial radio or television. You may not have realized it was there before but now you know what it does!

We hope everyone has an amazing day thanks for reading!