What Is a DAW: 15 Things to Know


What Is a DAW: 15 Things to Know

10 Jan, 2023

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DAW is Digital Audio Workstation. Digital Audio Workstations are the heart of every modern recording studio, and they have been for more than 25 years. They're digital because they use a computer to handle all of the input/output functions that would previously be handled by analog hardware devices like tape recorders, mixers, amplifiers, equalizers and other audio equipment. Digital Audio Workstations are also an important part of home studios used by bedroom producers who produce all their music on computers instead of using any kind of external sound sources or instruments. Check out these 15 things to know about DAWs!

15 Things to Know about Digital Audio Workstations:

Digital audio workstations have come a long way since the first Digital Audio Workstation was introduced in 1975.