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Join the entrepreneurs getting artists, engineers and producers in a next-gen collaboration workspace to make production quality audio.

Buy and negotiate

terms for service on platform


control of providers and terms


control of final files


Unlock SoundBar: a turnkey solution to acquiring pro talent and producing audio.

Take your audio to the next level, with professional producers, artists and engineers on your terms. Buy services and negotiate price and points to get the talent you need to make your audio production quality.

Revise until perfect

Mark tracks at any spot and leave detailed change requests for the provider to get the message through in stereo.

Collaborate with anyone

Add as many co-owners, team members and outside artists, producers and engineers you need to get your perfect audio.

Audition as you go

Playback, solo, mute, adjust volume and compare revisions to know exactly where you are at any point on the project.

Get service on your terms

See instant booking prices based on your project when browsing sellers. Go with that price or negotiate on price and points.

The resources you need

Central workspace

All communication, files, revisions, owners and talent in 1 place to bring your audio to amazing production quality.

Marketplace of Pros

Browse talent at the push of a button. See instant buy prices and buy and negotiate on upfront pricing and points.

Sell Services

Add your own services to provide them for your projects and be considered for other ones. A community supporting each other.

Sell digital audio

Storefront is a turnkey solution to sell digital audio effortlessly.


Welcome to your turnkey audio project live wire.

From instant access to talent to real time notification and communication, to negotiation and collaboration, SoundBooth SoundBar is your complete music business toolkit.

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Track your project performance

Gain analytics and insights into your performance, so you can make better informed decisions.

Get notified when you want

Customizable notification settings let you choose when you're notified by email and on platform.

Upload and download files effortlessly

Share reference tracks, audition track drafts and revisions and download final files all in your workspace.

Monitor in depth spend statistics

Monitor spend over different time frames, by service category, provider and more.

A full suite of tools to make production quality audio, elevate audio sales and maximize earnings

SoundBooth SoundBar

Get pros to make or finish your music

Don't miss sales because your audio is missing radio quality. SoundBooth SoundBar lets you add pro talent to record, produce, mix and master through a shared workspace on the platform.

Make music with others
SoundBooth Marketplace

Sell audio performance, production and engineering

SoundBooth Maketplace is built into SoundBar and offers your services on your terms for you. Users see your services when they add services to a project. Your service presents your instant buy price. Users can buy or make offers.

Make music with others
SoundBooth Storefront

Put your music out there and sell it

SoundBooth Storefront is a turnkey e-commerce audio online store dedicated to your music. A home page with your catalog and pages for every audio file, with an audio player, full checkout, robust notifications and automatic file delivery.

Sell while you sleep
SoundBooth Promote

Boost demand with promotions

SoundBooth Promote is built into Storefront. Boost sales with events and promotions with email-paired time-limited promocode codes. Use promotion pages to collect email addresses and get contacts to expand your mailing list.

Explore promote
SoundBooth Next

SoundBooth's Next Feature

SoundBooth's next feature will push the limits of what you can do with your music and elevate your brand to the next level. It's so secret it's got a codename: Next.

What's next?

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For all users: entrepreneurs, marketers, music producers, content creators, music makers, collaborators, producers, mix engineers, master engineers, musicians, beat makers and vocalists.
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Why SoundBooth is so great

Real World Use Cases

Mary, Life Coach

As a life coach, I wanted custom audio for my program, but I didn't know where to start. Discovering SoundBooth changed the game for me. I wasn't sure what I needed but on SoundBooth, I could chat with people and they guided me throughout the process. The platform made it easy to connect with providers, discuss requirements, and negotiate pricing. Using SoundBooth I got high-quality audio I wanted for my program.


Life Coach

Tommy, Producer

SoundBooth has changed my music-making experience. I was able to effortlessly invite other collaborators my production, make an offer to them with ease and then create the final product. It's truly remarkable how my songs can reach their full potential with such an easy solution to collaborate with other pros to create radio-quality sound that I always new possible but struggled to obtain.



Max Strong, Vocalist

I see it as a convenient and reliable platform to bring my song ideas to life. With a vast pool of talented musicians, producers, and engineers available, I feel like I have exclusive access to the music industry's finest expertise and resources. I was able to negotiate with each seller and come up with a fair solution for all parties I invited to the project that met my budget.

Max Strong


Inspiring audio produced on SoundBooth SoundBar

Asset for e-learning product


Accompaniment for guided-meditation product


Asset for gaming app


Entertainment production


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